A stop-motion rock band talks about life before their band: Rock is not only an attitude.

Our life is a reflection of our attitudes:

Just like music, these attitudes can be classified as rock, classic, jazz or pop;

Just like music, we are all different and unique, but there is no distance between us.

Length: 05min 09sec

Country: US, China

Year: 2014


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Animation Semifinalist, Adobe Design Achievement Awards Sep 2014 San Jose US
Best Animation, 14th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMFF) Oct 2015 GA US
Best Student Animated Film, Honorable Mentions, SENE Film, Music&Arts Festival Apr 2015 Providence, RI US
Exhibited and Honorable Mentions, "ZERO: ONE", Chelsea Gallery May 2014 New York US
ANIMAYO International Film Festival of Animations, Visual Effects and Videogames May 2015 Gran Canaria Spain
CutOut International Animation and Digital Art Festival Nov 2014 Queretaro Mexico
Brooklyn Film Festival May 2016 New York, NY US
ZLÍN Film Festival Jun 2015 Czech Republic
ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival + Agora Sep 2015 Syros Island Greece
Athens International Film + Video Festival Apr 2015 Athens, OH US
StopTrik IFF Panorama Oct 2015 Maribor Slovenia
XIV St.Petersburg International Festival of Debut and Student Films Beginning Nov 2015 Russia
Crossroads Film Festival Apr 2015 Jackson, MS US
Mosaic World Film Festival Aug 2015 IL US
BARE BONES International Film&Music Festival Apr 2015 Muskogee, OK US
Albany FilmFest Mar 2015 Albany, CA US
South Texas Underground Film Festival Dec 2015 Corpus Christi, TX US
Indie Fest USA Film& Music Festival Oct 2015 CA US
Oceanside International Film Festival Aug 2015 Oceanside, CA US
USA Independent Film Festival & New York EURASIAN Film Festival May 2016 New York, NY US
Rock ’n’ Roll Film Festival (ROFFEKE) 2016 Kenya
Qabila Film Festival Oct 2015 Cairo Egypt
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival Aug 2015 Washougal, WA US
Trenton Film Festival Jun 2015 NJ US
Universe Multicultural Film Festival Apr 2015 CA US
Festimation International Animation & New Media Arts Festival Oct 2014 Missoula, Montana US
Pune Short Film Festival Dec 2014 Maharashtra India



Xiaoxiao Tang

Xiaoxiao is a director and mixed media artist who was born and raised in Beijing, China. She graduates from MFA Computer Art at School of Visual Arts in New York City. She specializes in stop-motion animation and is particularly interested in its ability to allow a deeper expression based on its direct physical foundation. Animation allows Xiaoxiao to live out her fantasy. She believes we are all different and unique, but there is no distance between us.


The Gar

Gar's music is some of the purest Chinese rock’n roll. Mixing the beautiful and sophisticated melodic structures typical of the best Chinese music with basic harmonies and a delight in shifting textures, their songs achieve the shimmering quality of folk-rock but with the hard edge that life in Beijing, with its rapid changes, destruction and reconstruction, has imposed on most of its artists.


The Merlin Studios